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The Rescheduled "Take a Peek" (originally scheduled for 2/5) is Feb 26th The NEW "Take a Peek at WK" is now Fri., Feb 26th from 11:00 - 12:15. This is a time for families to hear a little bit about West Kingston, take a tour of the building, and take a quick peek into a few classrooms. We end the tour with lunch in the cafet Full Story...

Winter Warmth & GroundHog's Day The Amazing Class Reporters want the readers to know that it's super warm outside and this feels like the normal SPRING time! We are now studying the human body in science and know about the structure of the human body. Bones and the skeleton keep our Full Story...

Snow storm happenings The reporters from the 'Amazing Class Facts' reports that the snowstorm on January 23rd brought 8 inches of beautiful snow. Both of us skied at Yawgoo during the storm! All the hills were open. We are so lucky to live 10 minutes away from a ski place. Full Story...

West Kingston Elementary School
Kim Mather, Principal

This is a Native American belief about the Hawk (because we are the "WKES Hawks, after all!)
Many Native American tribes admire the hawk for its speed, endurance, perseverance, and amazing long-distance vision.
Among Native American traditions, Hawk serves the role of visionary and guide.
Hawk is the bringer of messages and portents of change.
Hawk reminds people to be awake and aware,
to free yourself of thoughts and beliefs
that are limiting your ability
to soar above your life
and gain a greater perspective.

Provided by Mrs. Jeanine Silversmith, August, 2012

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Mission Statement
West Kingston Elementary School exists to treasure each child. 
Hand in hand, all those in our community will honor and respect a love of KNOWLEDGE
and provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, and enthusiasm.

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