S.A.F.E. Team - Bullying Prevention


S.A.F.E. is West Kingston’s bullying behavior prevention team.  We are parents/caregivers, teachers, teacher aides, students, support staff, administrators, and community members committed to the following


        …the WKES community includes all school staff (i.e. every adult in the building), administrators, students, families, and community stakeholders

        …the WKES community is based on mutual respect; community members care for and collaborate with each other

        …WKES is a place where all community members feel welcome and safe

        …we are interdependent; everyone’s success depends upon the inclusion of, respect for, and ultimately the success of the other members of the community

        …all WKES community members are effective and empowered leaders who take personal responsibility for the success and well-being of the rest of the community

        …at WKES, excellence is expected and continuous improvement is required

Web page last updated May 12, 2011
If you want to get involved or if you have questions or comments, please contact school social worker Jonathan Sigman at 360-1298 or jsigman@skschools.net