Important Dates / Information

May, 2016

                                                IMPORTANT DATES…     

 May 2-6 – Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2,3,5,6 – PARCC Testing, Gr. 3 & 4 (Math)

May 9 – PTO Meeting, 6:30 pm

May 9, 10 & 12 – PARCC Testing, Gr. 3 & 4 (ELA)

May 13 --  Take a Peek at K Day, 11-12:15

May 17, 19 & 20 – NECAP Science Tests, Gr 4

May 27 – Gr 4 to visit BRMS, 9:15-10:45


Grades 3 & 4 (Math) – May 2, 3, 5 & 6

Grades 3 & 4 (Reading) - May 9, 10 & 12

Grade 4 (NECAP Science) – May 17, 19 & 20

Please consider appointments outside of these required times, because students are much more relaxed taking it with peers, than alone, during the make-up day.


Please sign up on this link to help out in any way you can.  Here is the link:  Go to “FIND” and type in Hopkins for the coordinator name and WKES for the password.  Thank you!


We still need some BCI checked helping hands for Health and Fitness tomorrow.  Please sign up for whatever you can on this link


We are still looking for a committee to help with brick orders.  It is a lot of work to fall on the shoulders of one volunteer when we are trying to raise $15,000.  Please ask around and help if you can.  To order your brick on line, follow this link


Gift card order forms are due this Friday, but we have had a few people ask for more time.  So, they will be due the Monday after vacation, April 25th.  If you have yours done, please send it in ASAP.


    We will soon be beginning the process of developing class lists for next school year.  As part of this process, parents can request a Parent Information Form.  These forms are available in the school office.  The form is for parents to share information about their child in the learning environment.  We value the input about your child on the Parent Information Forms, but specific teacher requests are not considered.  Our priority is to build classrooms that meet the needs of all children.  Parent Information Forms are to be returned to the office by May 6th.

    We also need to know of any students who will be moving in or out of the school for next year.   Please contact the office if you will be moving out of the area or if you know of children who will be moving into the area.  Thank you!


Our students are placed into their next year’s classrooms very carefully and thoughtfully.  The teachers make placement decisions as a committee and meet over a series of weeks.  Classes are heterogeneous (classrooms with all ability levels).  Grade level teachers, resource teachers, itinerant teachers, your child’s prior teachers, and the principal make placement decisions based upon information gathered throughout the course of our child’s year/s at WKES.


Friday, May 13; 11:00-12:15

“Take a Peek at K” Day is time to help provide an orientation for upcoming West Kingston Kindergartners and their parents.
11:00:  Hear form the Principal and some former Kindergarten students about activities and curricula that are representative of a Kindergartner’s day here at WKES.  Q & A time.

11:15:  Students and their parents will be able to take a tour of the building and peek in on Kindergarten classrooms.

11:45:  Students and parents can get to know each other while playing on the playground…yes, even in the snow!

12:00:  Parents and children can join the current Kindergartner’s for lunch time.

12:15:  Dismissal


    Please spread the word to any family you may know who has a new Kindergartner coming to WKES in the fall.

    Families should RSVP by May 11th @ 360-1130, even if you can only attend for a portion of the event.PTO NEWS…

  • Thank you to everyone who attended this past week’s meeting; we really appreciate all of your ideas!!  At our next PTO meeting, May 9th elections will be held for our new board.  If you would like to consider being on the board for 2016-2017, please consider attending this meeting.
  • Thank you to Kristen Cummiskey for hosting Family Swim Night.  We had a huge turn out and the kids and parents had a blast!!!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd-6th
  • We will need lots of help with this to show  how much our school loves the staff here at WKES!!  We are looking for a few helpers to help set up in the morning and a few helpers for cleanup in the afternoon (Monday-Thursday).  We will also be asking for beverages, coffee, K-cups, bagels, muffins, cereal, yogurt cups, granola, nuts, granola bars & healthy breakfast choices.  And for lunch we are looking for salads, fruit salads, sandwiches, pizza, individual bags of chips and some healthy lunch dishes!  Please email if you can help in any way possible!!
  • Please keep those yearbook photos coming in!!  Send any photos that you may have taken throughout this year to Michelle Young at



The 3rd component of the 5210 program involves 1 hour or more of physical activity per day.  Some activities that are fun and easy are listed below:


Physical activity can be free and fun!

  • Take a walk with your family
  • Play with your pet
  • Play tag
  • Take a bike ride (remember to wear your helmet)
  • Turn on music and dance
  • Jump rope
  • Play Frisbee
  • Take the stairs
  • Park the car at the end of the parking lot
  • Make snow angels

Make physical activity easier.

  • Make gradual changes to increase your level of physical activity.
  • Track the level of your physical activity using a pedometer, fitness band, or online tracker.
  • Choose toys and games that promote physical activity (e.g., balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, scarves).
  • Do physical activities together with friends or family.
  • Turn off the TV and computer and keep them out of the bedroom.
  • Limit recreational screen time (e.g., TVs, computers, video games, etc.).
  • Encourage lifelong physical activity by incorporating it into your routine.
  • Keep physical activity fun!  You’ll be more likely to do it.

*All information taken from the 5210 Let’s Go Program



Our expectations are SOARSafety first, Own your actions, Always act Responsibly.  Students recognized this week for following the expectations were:  Celine B., Audrey B., Jacob D., Ethan Y., George G., Nate S., Jack N., Hailey R., Cyrus H., Jaylin N., Jayden J., Dezmond T., Adam R., Griffin G., and Brooke R.