PTO Minutes for September 2016

PTO Notes for 9/12/16




Danielle Nowell

Nicole Fillion

Heather Hopkins

Kileen Urian

Valerie Grenier

Jeanie Silversmith

Christy Zinn

Lindsey Reilly

Elin Torell

Kim Mather

Cheryl Morse

Sarah Krajewski

Susan & Adam Arlulce

Kristen Cummiskey

Kim Mather

Nancy Leonce-Walsh

Amanda Lane

Douglas Blaine

Dyan Barker

Melissa Marin

Kellie Richmond

Jacqui Muller

Emily Griffen

Melanie Garcia

Michelle Barrus

Amanda Morris

Heidi Fisher

Chris Fisher

Sarah Lobdell

Nichole Werdle

Emily Durant

Kathryn Fernandy

Kris Shumade

Jonathan Gates




  1. principal report

    1. thank you for the kindergarten gift bags

    2. book of the month- empathy (others) theme of the year

  2. Treasurer Report

    1. Beginning balance- $12,915.23

    2. Total income- $4,679.35

    3. Disbursements-$4,084.69

    4. Ending balance- $13,5.9.89

    5. Budgeted funds-$6,605.00

    6. Unencumbered balance- $6,904.89

  3. Teacher Representative

    1. health and fitness day- need apple cider press for April

  4. Green Team

    1. composting and recycling at events (Sarah Dennis)

  5. Back to school picnic (Thursday)

    1. need volunteers for composting

    2. bring license for BCI

  6. Hawk-a-thon

    1. 11th annual walk-a-thon fundraiser

    2. theme- celebrating the years

    3. pledges are raised for PTO

    4. need donations of bananas and oranges

    5. t-shirt fundraiser

    6. in the past PTO makes $4,000-$5,000

    7. possible idea to mail/email out letters for donations

  7. Pavilion update

    1. We have started to purchase the pavilion

    2. Doug Blaine- contractor

    3. Over $6,000 put towards pavilion as of today

    4. Donations of cement and some material

    5. Hoping for patio to be laid in the fall and rest built in spring

    6. Planning on building it between the playground and soccer field

    7. Need volunteers to help construct

    8. Volunteers to check in with businesses to see if they want to buy a brick

    9. 10% has been paid

  8. Kidcycle- all school play

    1. $3000 grant and $1000 grant

    2. we need to raise-$6000

    3. tickets raise- $5,000

    4. projecting $1,500 in ad sales

    5. $350 bake sale

    6. volunteer spot and parent meeting

  9. stop and shop card

    1. need new card numbers

    2. need volunteer to run it

  10. autumn fest/book fair

    1. October 21

    2. need someone to shadow the current coordinator of both events

    3. scholastic fund-

  11. Extra

    1. need for another rain barrel?

    2. Yearbook- start snapfish account and parents can upload pictures as needed



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