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Welcome to West Kingston School. I will use this web site to keep you informed of happenings in our classroom. Please be sure to check out the links for good information too.

Mrs. Hannafin: Grade 3

The School to Home homework component of our reading program will be an important part of your childs reading success this year. The children may self-select books from our classroom, school, public, or home libraries for independent reading. All children have come home with 2 or 3 books from our class library today at their independent reading level. We used the reading data from the end of Gr. 2 to determine a level range for students. Of course, this level will change throughout the year.

Your childs responsibilities are:

1. Read for 15-20 minutes Monday through Thursday. We encourage the children to read at least once over the weekend as well. (Reminder that Mrs. Alves is teaching reading this year but I will make sure they come home with books.) Your child will carry the books back and forth to school and home each day. They will all be in a plastic bag for ease. The books must be brought back to school daily as the same book is read in school and will be needed for reading class. Part of the homework is that an adult signs or intials in their planner that they read. The signing is your child's responsibility to come to you and get the signature...it's not your job! Even if a book is finished, it still needs to come back to school the next day.

2. Monitor their own reading & comprehension. Adults are not responsible for reading with their child unless you choose to. One goal in reading this year is for students to choose enjoyable books that they can read independently. That said, it still is a good idea to have your child read out loud to you occasionally to ensure that the book is a good fit for them and they are comprehending the book. Another idea is to have them read out loud to you for 5 of the 20 minutes nightly. I used to have my daughter read out loud to me while I washed the dishes. Feel free to guide your child in choosing books as myself and Mrs. Alves will do the same in class.

Thank you in advance for all your support with this part of our reading program.

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