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Third Grade Supply List

For each student:
1 plastic pencil box 5x8-Labeled

3 one subject spiral bound wide ruled 8.5x11, 70 pg. notebooks:
        1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green (Do Not Label)

1 RED 1 inch 3-ring binder  

1 box of 12 sharpened #2 pencils

2 rectangular pink erasers

1 pack of post-it notes  

1 small USB flash drive (to save writing pieces and projects) Please Label- will be returned at the end of the year

For the class: (just suggestions, not necessary to buy all)
glue sticks
1 box 12 color pencils, crayons, OR markers
4 low odor dry erase markers

1 box tissues
1 container of Clorox disinfecting wipes

September 2015

Dear Grade Three Families,

        We have some exciting news to share with you.  This year, your grade three teachers have decided to completely join together as a unified team.  Our team will be STEAM driven and we will all be part of a larger team known as “The Grade Three STEAM Team!”  

        S:  SCIENCE
        T:  TECHNOLOGY
        A:  ARTS
        M: MATH

        The team will use these 5 areas as a catalyst for our common core standards.  Our team, consists of Mrs. Alves, Mrs. Hannafin, Ms. MacNeil, support staff, and all the third grade students.  Students will be rotating with their own class to different grade three teachers for reading, math, and science.  Writing will be embedded within these core subjects.  This means your child will be rotating to Mrs. Alves’ classroom for reading, Mrs. Hannafin’s classroom for math, and Ms. MacNeil’s classroom for science.  This will give each teacher the time to focus on the subject matter and therefore provide your child with the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of each subject, how it relates to STEAM, and connects their learning to everyday life.  

        Since this model involves that your child works with all three teachers, we feel it is important to dedicate the first few weeks to building our team.   We will engage in activities that help your child get to know all three teachers and their classmates.  We will also practice rotating to the different classrooms with the materials we will need. This time will allow us to practice routines and develop smooth and rapid transitions which will be important for a successful year together.  Our plan is for the students to begin rotating by the third week of school.  Until then each teacher will be instructing their primary class in all academic areas, as well as, developing classroom routine, structure, and procedures.  

We thank you in advance for your support as we embark on this exciting academic adventure!

The Grade Three STEAM Team Teachers,

Mrs. Lisa Alves
Mrs. Beth Hannafin
Ms. Cynthia MacNeil

Each student has a Home/School folder and a Planner that should be returned each morning.

Homework is assigned daily Monday-Thursday, and Reading is the only homework for Friday night.

The folder is a place for students to keep their homework organized as well as return notices and notes to school.  Each student should read nightly for 15-20 minutes and then note reading in their planner.  The title of the text and pages read should be noted each day on the reading tab in their planner.  Current reading selections will have to travel to and from school.  It will be important for students to get into the habit of putting their book bag into their school bag each night.  

The planner is a place to write down homework, nightly reading, projects and events.   Parents are encouraged to initial planners nightly.

Completed Class Work will be sent home in Home/School folders each Friday- I find this is less confusing as it does not mix in with nightly homework-( Please see the Homework Calendar for daily homework.)

Weekly Itinerants:
Tuesday - Music
Thursday- Art

Snack: Daily- in the AM
Recess : 12:40   Lunch: 1:05

Grade 3 Homework (A typical week.)

Monday:                 Read 15-20 minutes (note in planner)
                        Math- practice or review
                        Spelling- new words to study (the spelling program is in place.)

Tuesday:                Read 15-20 minutes (note in planner)
                        Math-practice or review
Wednesday:      Reading 15-20 minutes (note in planner)
                        Math- practice or review
                        Wednesday Night Writing  (will be given each Wednesday and due Friday-)

Thursday:       Reading 15-20 minutes (note in planner)
                        Math-practice or review
Friday:         Read 15-20 minutes (note in planner)
                        No additional assigned homework, but remember

There is always something to do:

        Read, Read, Read
        Practice math facts
        Research something on the internet or in a book
        Visit an exciting and educational place
        Play a math related game        

Expected Behavior Program
West Kingston has in place a school wide positive behavior system. Led by the basic expectations: Safety first- Own your actions-Always act  Responsibly-   S.O.A.R

As part of this system please expect your child to come home with positive tickets for you to sign.  Ask them why they received the ticket, initial it for them to return to school and add to our classroom tally.  We will collect signed tickets and use them for a positive reward decided upon by the whole class.

In Room 113 we understand that sometimes we just need a reminder to maintain our positive behavior.  For this reason, we use a card system.  Your child has been informed of the system and should be able to tell you how the system works.  

Each student starts the day with three cards- green (go), yellow (warning, slow down) and red (final warning).  If a student needs a reminder about their unexpected behavior the student is asked to change a card to reveal the next card.  If the student moves beyond the red final warning card then a minor infraction goes home.  A student who pulls more then three red cards in a month will be referred to the principal.    

2014 School Year:  Grade 3

The “School to Home” homework component of our reading program will be an important part of your child’s reading success this year.  The children may self-select books from our classroom, school, public, or home libraries for independent reading.  All children have come home with 2 or 3 books from our class library today at their independent reading level.   We used the reading data from the end of Gr. 2 to determine a level range for students.  Of course, this level will change throughout the year!

Your child’s responsibilities are:

1.  Read for 15-20 minutes Monday through Friday.  I encourage the children to read at least once over the weekend as well.  Your child will carry the books back and forth to school each day.  They will all be in a plastic bag for ease.  The books must be brought back to school daily as the same book is read in school and will be needed for reading class.  Even if a book is finished, it still needs to come back to school the next day.

2.  Log nightly reading in their planner.  In the reading tab of the planner, students should enter text title and pages read.  For the month of September, an adult should initial/sign the planner.  (Any adult supervising your child is fine.)  When a child finishes the book, they will put a circled F, next to the pages read to indicate this.  Starting in October, a parent signature will not be required.  It’s just to get the children settled into the routine of filling out the log.

3.  Monitor their own reading & comprehension.  Adults are not responsible for reading with their child unless you choose to.  One goal in reading this year is for students to choose enjoyable books that they can read independently.   That said, it is still a good idea to have your child read out loud to you occasionally to ensure that the book is a good fit for them and they are comprehending the book.  Another idea is to have them read out loud to you for 5 of the 20 minutes nightly.  Feel free to guide your child in choosing books as I will do the same in class.

Thank you in advance for all your support with this part of our reading program.


Ms MacNeil