Rollins, Jennifer

Welcome to Mrs. Rollins'
Second Grade Class!

We have gotten off to a great start! I have enjoyed getting to know your children these first days of school and I hope they come home with positive stories to tell. At the request of some students there will be homework this coming week, which will be reading for 20 minutes per night for a total of 100 minutes. Look for the at home reading log in your child's homework folder on Tuesday afternoon. This reading log will not need to be returned until the following Monday signed by an adult at home. When you child returns there signed reading log with 100 minutes logged they will receive a bead to put on their dog tag hanging in the classroom. I hope you are having a great long weekend! See you on Tuesday morning.


We are frequently asked about supplies that might be needed for school. The following are useful to have, but not required. You can scroll down to find our grade level list.

**Please Do Not Label Items**

Grade 2 Student Supply List
1 back pack
1 box crayons (24)
24 pencils (#2 Ticonderoga, sharpened if possible)
4 glue sticks (large)
2 spiral bound, one subject notebooks
1 pair Fiskars scissors
1 eraser
1supply case (plastic box or zipper 8x5)
1 box colored pencils
4 dry erase markers
1 large box tissues
1 small pencil sharpener

caseyfarm300.jpgcaseyfarm2300.jpgcaseyfarm3300.jpgliqids3.jpgliqids4.jpgliquids.jpgliquids2.jpgliquids4.jpgpicture300.jpgpumkin2.jpgpumpkin1.jpgpumpkin3.jpgpumpkin4.jpgpumpkin5.jpgpumpkin6.jpgpumpkin7.jpgpumpkin8.jpgpumpkin9.jpgpumpkin10.jpgpumpkin11.jpgpumpkin12.jpgpumpkin13.jpgscience - Copy.jpgscience.jpgscience2.jpgscience3.jpgscience4.jpgscience5.jpgscience6.jpgscience7.jpgscience8.jpgscience9.jpgscience10.jpgscience11.jpgscience12.jpgscience13.jpgscience14.jpgWholeSchool300.jpg