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Welcome To First Grade!


Dear First Grade Families,
If you are willing and able, the following supplies would be greatly appreciated for our classroom. We go through these items VERY quickly in first grade
Thank you,
Mrs. Rosen

First Grade Supply List (each child) 2015-2016 school year
1 back pack
1 pair headphones labeled with your childs name (headphoneswill be returned to you at the end of the year)
1 dry-erase eraser
1 3-pack Post-It notes (3in. x 3in.)
1 pack glue sticks
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 pkg. dry erase markers- black only please
1 box Kleenex
1 roll of paper towels (last name A-M)
1 container of wipes (last name N-Z)


Our Itinerant Schedule 2014-2015
Monday- Music
Tuesday- P.E (Sneakers please)
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Library
Friday- P.E. (Sneakers please)

100 th day 2014 002.jpg
January 2014 008.jpg
January 2014 009.jpg
100th Day Hats
Reading Workshop

100 th day 2014 001.jpg
January 2014 001.jpg
100th Day Hats
Composing 3-D shapes


We are frequently asked about supplies that might be needed for school. The following are useful to have, but not required. You can scroll down to find our grade level list.

**Please Do Not Label Items**

First Grade Supply List
1 back pack
1 pack glue sticks
1 hand sanitizer (last name A-M)
1 roll of paper towels (last name N-Z)
1 box gallon Ziploc bags (last name A-M)
1 box Kleenex (last name N-Z)
1 box wipes (last name A-M)
1box Ziploc sandwich bags (last name N-Z)
1 pack stickers (last name A-M)
1 pair black socks (last name N-Z)
1 pkg. dry erase markers black

bulletin board sept 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 001 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 003 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 004 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 008 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 011 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 012 300.jpgclassroom september 2013 013 300.jpgmath 300.jpgOctober November 2013 004 300.jpgOctober November 2013 006 300.jpgOctober November 2013 007 300.jpgOctober November 2013 011 300.jpgOctober November 2013 013 300.jpgOutdoors300.jpgplants 300.jpgshapes 1 300.jpgteens 1 300.jpgteens 2 300.jpgten 300.jpguri 1 300.jpguri 2 300.jpgWholeSchool300.jpgwriting 1 300.jpgwriting 2 300.jpgwriting 3 300.jpgzones 300.jpg