Magician Matt Roberts Dazzles WKES

PTO Brings in Magician Matt Roberts to Dazzle WKES
Posted on 06/10/2024

WKES PTO Brings In Magician Matt Roberts To Dazzle Students

West Kingston Elementary was recently graced with the presence of world-class magician Matt Roberts, who delivered a spellbinding display of magic and entertainment. Matt is not just an acclaimed magician who has dazzled audiences across the country, but he also holds a special connection to West Kingston Elementary as the parent of one of our students.

The magic show delivered by Matt was a delightful experience, captivating not only the students but also the faculty who attended. The audience found themselves on the edge of their seat, engrossed in the performance. Matt infused the show with interactive elements, inviting students up on stage to become a part of the magic. His witty questions and humorous quips kept the room filled with a lively atmosphere of laughter and enjoyment.

Matt showcased a wide repertoire of magic tricks that spanned from the classics to the unconventional. He delighted the audience with the ever-popular ring trick and amazed them with the seemingly impossible needle through the balloon trick. However, he did not stop there. He also performed more complex feats of magic. The most impressive was when he made a table float in mid-air, leaving the audience stunned and amazed.

As the show reached its conclusion, the students couldn't contain their appreciation. It was a day that will be fondly remembered, a day where the ordinary was transformed into the extraordinary! Thank you to the WKES PTO for providing such a wonderful experience.