December 2016 Minutes

PTO Notes for 12/12/16




Jeanine Silversmith

Heather Hopkins

Valerie Grenier

Kileen Urian

Lindsey Reilly

Nicole Fillion

Elin Torell

Kim Limer

Paula Rekos

Nancy Walsh

Jacqui Muller

Kellie Richmond

Emily Griffin



  1. Approval of November's meeting minutes

    1. Jeanine Silversmith moved to approve November meeting minutes; Nicole Fillion second; approved unanimously.

  2. Principal Report

    1. Learning names and events of school

  3. Treasurer’s Report:

    Beginning balance - $15,148.78

    Total income - $6,915.46 Total Disbursements – ($5,062.96)

    Ending balance - $17,001.28

    Budgeted Funds - $34,406.38 Unencumbered Balance - ($17,405.10)

    1. all school play is paid. DVD money helped cover rest of costs


  1. Teacher Representative

    1. might want new binding machine

    2. sand box? Plug has been lost, cover is ripped and sand needed

  2. Green Team

    1. working on an outdoor challenge for vacation week


  1. Fundraising Ideas

    1. Funny4Funds-Guest Speaker scott higgins

      1. average $5,500 profit per show

      2. pick venue, date (high school/elks club)

      3. sell tickets ($20-$25), get raffle items (25 good number)

      4. live auction brings more money

      5. show sponsors bring most money usually

      6. might need insurance policy for show. Might need permits for 50/50 and raffle

      7. $1,200 flat fee for show

      8. host at high school and charge for child care

      9. plan for 3 hours- 90 min show. Ends with big check presentation

      10. comedy is appropriate

      11. takes about 6 weeks to plan

      12. Mermaid Blanket could be given there

      13. CARES is having a funny4funds in April

      14. Hoping to have it in 2017


  1. URI Basketball tickets/Clinic

    1. Flyer will go out after the break- Saturday 1.21.17

    2. Clinic afterwards for elementary aged kids

  2. Movie Night

    1. January 20, 2017- Secret Life of Pets

    2. volunteers needed- Heather Hopkins and Valerie Grenier

  3. BOKS

    1. before school activity program 8-8:45

    2. district has accepted it

    3. need to have volunteers trained

    4. we are not interested at this point

  4. Book Drive/Resource Closet

    1. Ms. Verde and Heather Hopkins cleaning out paper closet to become resource closet

    2. wall of clothes and leveled books for students

  5. Community questions and input

    1. none

  6. Book of the Month Reading

    1. The Invisible Boy

    2. Mrs. Leimer will continue this tradition and is hoping to add spanish books

  7. Door Prize Drawing

    1. Mrs. Walsh received a Panera gift card

    2. Mrs. Rekos received a book from Wakefield books

  8. Gift card pick up before and after meeting


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