West Kingston Hawk A Thon

Soaring to New Heights: The Hawk-a-Thon at WKES
Posted on 11/03/2023
Hawk a ThonIntroduction:

West Kingston Elementary School recently hosted an exhilarating event that had students, parents, and staff members spreading their wings and running for a great cause. The Hawk-a-Thon, a walk and jog-a-thon, turned the school's fields into a hub of excitement as students gathered sponsors, took to the track, and had a fantastic time while raising funds for their school. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this fantastic event, highlighting the fun, camaraderie, and community support that made the Hawk-a-Thon at West Kingston Elementary School an unforgettable day.

Setting the Stage:

The Hawk-a-Thon was an event that brought the entire West Kingston Elementary School community together. The enthusiasm was palpable as students prepared for the big day, and put on their running shoes. With the support of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), the Physical Education (PE) teachers, and even the beloved West Kingston Hawk, the event promised to be a soaring success.

Preparing for Takeoff:

One of the crucial aspects of the Hawk-a-Thon was the involvement of students and their sponsors. In the weeks leading up to the event, students reached out to family and friends, seeking sponsorship for their run or walk. This not only encouraged their personal participation but also promoted a sense of responsibility and engagement in the fundraiser.

Taking Flight:

On the day of the Hawk-a-Thon, the school's fields transformed into a track filled with energy and excitement. Students lined up, ready to give their best effort. The atmosphere was electric, and the West Kingston Hawk mascot added to the jubilation as it cheered on participants and posed for photos.

Community Spirit and Healthy Habits:

The West Kingston Elementary School community truly stood out during the Hawk-a-Thon. Parents were invited to join the event, further strengthening the bonds between the school and families. The PTO played a significant role in providing support and healthy snacks for everyone involved, emphasizing the importance of wellness and nutrition in the school community.

The Heart of the Hawk-a-Thon:

The heart of this event was the sense of unity and purpose that permeated the air. Students and parents encouraged each other, cheered on their peers, and celebrated every lap completed. The event exemplified the power of collective effort, determination, and coming together to achieve a common goal.

Celebrating Success:

As participants crossed the finish line, there was a collective sense of accomplishment and celebration. The funds raised through the Hawk-a-Thon will go a long way in supporting various school programs and initiatives, making it a win-win for everyone involved.


The Hawk-a-Thon at West Kingston Elementary School was more than just a fundraiser; it was a remarkable display of community spirit, togetherness, and healthy living. The event brought students, parents, and staff together for a day of fun and physical activity, all in support of their beloved school. The Hawk-a-Thon not only raised funds but also left a lasting memory of the strength of unity and a reminder that when a community comes together, they can achieve amazing things. We eagerly look forward to next year's Hawk-a-Thon, where we can once again soar to new heights as one united West Kingston Elementary School family.