First Grade Fabulous Fridays

First Grade Fabulous Fridays
Exciting Fridays in April at West Kingston Elementary School


Every Friday at West Kingston Elementary School is a special day, especially for the first graders. This is the day when the doors of the classroom are opened wide not just for students, but also for their families. Fabulous Fridays, as they are fondly called, are not just about fun and bonding but also a unique opportunity for students to learn about the various career paths they could pursue in the future. In fact, every Friday for the month of April, family members of any first-grade student can volunteer to come in and show the kiddos a special talent, their job, or share something they think is cool!

The Concept of Fabulous Fun Fridays

Fabulous Fun Fridays are a unique initiative where family members of the students are invited to the classroom every Friday. This isn't just a social visit. Each family member is asked to share a little bit about their career, giving the students an insight into various professions. This not only makes the children aware of the different career options but also enables them to understand what their parents and other family members do. There have been some exciting participants: a detective and his therapy dog, a Speech Language Pathologist, and an orthopedic surgeon who brought in the wraps and plaster for the kids to make casts!

Learning Beyond the Curriculum

The Fabulous Fun Fridays initiative is an excellent example of experiential learning. The students don't just get to know about different professions but get a first-hand account from someone who is actually in the field. This could be a parent who is a firefighter, a grandparent who is a retired teacher, or an uncle who is an artist. This exposure can inspire the students, expand their horizons, and help them to start considering their own future career paths.

Building a Strong Community

Fabulous Fridays not only educate but also help in building a strong community. By inviting family members into the classroom, the school is fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness among the students, their families, and the school. It also gives the students an opportunity to learn more about their peers and their families, fostering mutual respect and understanding.


Fabulous Fridays at West Kingston Elementary School are more than just a fun tradition. They are a powerful tool for holistic learning, community building, and career exploration. As the students look forward to these Fridays with excitement, they are not only learning about different professions but also about the value of family, community, and the myriad possibilities that the future holds for them.