100th Day of School at West Kingston

100th Day Celebration at West Kingston
Posted on 02/21/2024
100th Day at West Kingston

The 100th day of school at West Kingston Elementary School was a cause for celebration. Our students embraced the day, by dressing up as if they were 100 years old. Wearing glasses, shawls, and even carrying canes, they truly brought the spirit of the day to life.

But that wasn't all. The joy was palpable as students turned the hallways into a dance floor, hosting a lively dance party that lasted for exactly 100 seconds. It was a sight to behold as the corridors echoed with laughter. Their dance moves were incredible as DJ Dr. Borden spun some classics along with some new music over the loud speaker! Twist and Shout anyone?!

The students were joined by their teachers and their first year principal Dr. Ryan Borden. To see the students dancing along with the staff was really cool and you can tell that West Kingston Elementary School is truly a wonderful learning community.

As we reflect on this milestone day, we can't help but look forward with anticipation to the final 80 days of the school year. If they're anything like our 100th day celebrations, we know they're going to be filled with more unforgettable moments and learning experiences. Here's to a wonderful remainder of the school year!